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Equivalence between different qualifications official English
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Equivalence between different qualifications official English

Learn about the different official language exams.

Equivalences between the different degrees of English officers:
Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and European Degrees

Are you thinking of studying in an English speaking country? Do you intend to make an exchange or a traineeship as part of your college course? Do you have to prove your level of English and receive their results soon? . Many students who need to prove their English, whether to continue their studies abroad or to reflect the curriculum. Often, this is a prerequisite that requires preparation.

A good alternative for those who can prove their English and want to enhance their level quickly, you do an English course to prepare for official exams abroad. These courses offer the opportunity to prepare the exam in one's native country, so people have become more fluent and achieved the necessary level in the shortest time possible.

Several American and European institutions made official language examinations, some of them achieved more agile, faster, while others have worldwide recognition for a lifetime. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various official English tests and equivalencies between each of them we briefly describe them.
The official Cambridge exams degrees from the University of Cambridge are considered the most robust and reliable evidence of English proficiency. The great advantage of the Cambridge exams is that once obtained, the tests are valid for life. Cambridge exams are offered through the British Council in each country in the world three calls in March, June and December. Some are also taught at the end of August, so it may be interesting to prepare during the summer, with a preparatory course for the Cambridge exam in London in July or August. The best way to prepare for exams is to test preparation courses for Cambridge in an English speaking country.

The University of Cambridge ESOL examinations performed (Inglés for Speakers of Other Languages) to evaluate the English proficiency of nonnative individuals. These include (in order of significance, from lowest to highest): KET (Key Inglés Test): The Basics. Represents a prime target for beginners; PET (Preliminary Test Inglés): Intermediate; FCE (First Certificate in Inglés): Early Advanced Level, popularly known as First. First Certificate level equivalent to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Approval test the ability to speak English socially efficient, CAE (Certificate in Advanced Inglés): Advanced (C1), popularly known as Advanced. CAE is the title has a highly regarded throughout the world, especially in the case of students whose first language is not English who want to join British and American universities. It is also usual to be the holder of the certificate required as a condition to qualify for jobs requiring an advanced level of English, CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in Inglés) professional level, close to that of a native, popularly known as Proficiency. It is the highest level offered by Cambridge ESOL Examinations, and is equivalent to level C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Involves the candidate's ability to express themselves in English in almost any context, and is an English level equivalent to that of a native. A powerful tool for graduate and professional projection at the highest level


Inglés International Language Testing System (IELTS) test is a quality English language calling for admission to the universities and higher education internationally. IELTS calls are made once a month through the British Council and the result is obtained after 13 days so it is a flexible test that can be obtained fairly quickly. IELTS is recognized by the vast majority of universities around the world and also, more and more companies use IELTS as a recruitment tool. Like the TOEFL, IELTS expires in two years. The IELTS exam can also be prepared by an IELTS course in English-speaking country.

As a test whose results are obtained quickly, and is the first IELTS English language test and has grown exponentially in recent years to almost a million and a half candidates per year. The IELTS test evaluates the level of international English (no preference for British or American English). In the United States, IELTS has gained a dramatic increase in its recognition as a viable alternative to the TOEFL test in more than 2000 universities and colleges, including all the famous Ivy League.


Test Of Inglés as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a test that measures fluency and knowledge in the English language. Based on the English spoken in the United States, the company is developed by ETS. TOEFL calls are made several times a month through internet by and the result is obtained after about 5 weeks. The results are based on a score and each score corresponds to a particular language level. TOEFL test results are valid for 2 years. A good way to achieve the necessary level of TOEFL is to take a TOEFL preparation course in any American city.

The certificates provided by the test are recognized internationally, especially by educational institutions, which are those for which is primarily directed.
Types of TOEFL

* Paper Based TOEFL (PBT). This is the first type of test set, and runs on paper.
* Computer Based TOEFL (CBT). This is the second set. As its name suggests, is done on a computer with a CD.
* Internet Based TOEFL (iBT). It is the third and most modern of the three. It consists of an online survey, conducted, as above, using a computer.


Each type of test has its own rating scale, conversion tables exist between each of them. The scores required vary considerably from one university to another.

European Degrees

The European certificates correspond to the basic level (level A2), intermediate (level B1), intermediate-advanced (level B2), advanced (C1) and (level C2)
The calls are held twice a year, normally in May-June and September. Distance learners are examined and modules to be referred to centers for specific dates for the exams. European degrees are becoming more international recognition and are comparable with other official surveys.


University of Cambridge Exams
IELTS TOEFL Titulaciones Europeas
CPE Certificate of Proficiency in English IELTS  6.0 - 6.5 TOEFL(PBT) 550-600+
TOEFL(CBT) 230-250+
TOEFL (IBT) 88-100+
CAE Certificate in Advanced English IELTS  6.0 -5.5 TOEFL (PBT) 525-550
TOEFL (CBT) 195-230
TOEFL (IBT) 70-88
FCE First Certificate in Englihs IELTS  5.5 -5.0 TOEFL (PBT) 450-525
TOEFL (CBT) 145-195
TOEFL (IBT) 50-70
PET Preliminary English Test IELTS  5.0 -4.0 TOEFL (PBT) 310-450
TOEFL (CBT) 50-145
TOEFL (IBT) 10-50
KET Key English Test     A2
Beginner     A1

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